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Please check me out on tumblr if you like my art here in deviantART, because I'm posting everything there as well, if not more!
(All of my art should be tagged as "my art")


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It still feels weird and sometimes stressful and tiring to talk to people and be on social sites after such a long
pause withing last year and this year... But I also feel a lot better since I came back so I'll be fine.

But that's enough about my personal life, time to put someting more light-hearted on top of that dramatic journal
from last year! :D

0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it  
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around 
5) Post these rules

1. This is you
I'm the "first pokemon"? Sweet. I don't really like rock-types but I can dig being "old-school" :iconcoolplz:

2. This Pokemon is your rival

3. This Pokemon is deeply in love with you
My poor ears... Damn Loudred singing screamo love-songs below my window

4. This Pokemon is stalking you

5. This Pokemon just stole your cake
Well, at least I know he's going North... I'll FIND YOU and make you PAY, dammit
You don't even have a mouth what the heck do you need my cake for?? :iconimsotiredplz:

6. This is your lab partner
:icontakehomeplz: YOU BELONG TO ME NOW, SANDCUTE

7. This is your best friend
I bet he's really... handy to have around! :iconlaughingplz:

8. This Pokemon is about to fight you

9. This Pokemon will do anything to get your shoes
Hey, whatever you're into, ice chicken! I won't judge, just don't freeze me to death and ruin my summer!!

10. This Pokemon is currently hiding in your house
Yay! More plants in the house!

11. This Pokemon is your pet

12. This is your new roommate
...Just don't break anything. And don't stare at me when I sleep :iconpleasenoplz:

13. This is your new boss
Sweet :meow:

14. This Pokemon watches you while you sleep

15. This Pokemon is scared of you
Aw, don't be scared! I'm a water-type nut, I'll be nice to you

16. This Pokemon is about to perform surgery on you
...Hope he doesn't Mega Evolve... Be careful, Patty (my starter in Alpha Sapphire) :iconohgodplz:

17. You have to babysit this Pokemon all night
I don't mind... She's so pretty *o*

18. This Pokemon loves sleeping on your head
Um... Ow

19. This Pokemon envies you
A unicorn envies me? ...Why?

20. Use this Pokemon to tag people
Shroomish used Stun Spore!
The tagged are now paralyzed until they respond!

I tag Bioblood and Sol-Lar-Bink because I just recently wrote replies to them and I'm too lazy to think of someone else c:


TheRainbowDragon's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hey there! Please call me Rainy (or Shifty, referencing my tumblr name shifting-motives)


I'm a nerd from Finland who's into cartoons, tumblr, nature, friends, my own charactes, other people's characters, trying to make sad people feel at least a little better whenever I can, real and fictional couples, animals, grammar, psychology, video games (especially pokemon), all kinds of art, creative writing, my 3DS, YouTube, Homestuck, and other things.

I'm honestly quite a bit more on Tumblr nowadays so.. it may be best you talk to me there and not here. Every little message matters to me, so if you ever say something to me, thank you ♥

I mostly do:
♦ traditional art with either just a standard lead pencil, or colored with markers/wooden color pencils
♦ drawings of made-up creatures since I can make those up from the top of my head in a matter of seconds (#humblebrag)
♦ drawings in a "cute", cartoon-y style. When I draw more realistically it feels much more... unnatural to me
♦ nothing too disturbing /at least on my scale/ or "nsfw", but I do love to sometimes make dark, "creepy", disturbing or ugly things (ex. vent art, mutated creatures / monsters, art of topics such as mental illnesses etc.)
♦ pictures of my dear brain children (Original or Fan Characters)
♦ appreciate all comments and attention! Even if I'm not here to reply, I do appreciate any comments you leave on my art/gallery/front page/etc.
♦ want you to explain yourself if you give me criticism (ex. Person: "That's really ugly" Me: "Care to tell me how?" /gets no reply ever/ )

- Rainy :iconraincloudplz:


My dA family :D
(some of these people I haven't been in contact for many years... But I'm still gonna leave them here as a historical artifact)

My wifus: Tami-Kitten(<-The one who originally nicknamed me "Rainy") kaakelilattia Junkie-Ampora ReTrO-BliTZ
(No homo :: DD)
The held hostage who lives in the basement: Jackal-Sandwich
The impossibly sexy wolf :XD: : Nianden
Fluffy plushy unicorn-pony :meow: : Jacklin980
Own magical fairy: DrSnipersMagic
Pet umbreon: dragontamer1990
Pet dog: AlyFlamer
The bunny who steals my chocolate: Bunnypuma
My crazy serialkiller-daiting cousin: Crazy-Daydreamer
Cousins: Kalinel evil-bloody-angel Jasminator
Brother: Bioblood
Adopted brother: inferno988
Sisters: RoxytheTiger toffeeComet Rika-of-Thunder NenorocosKarlota
Identic sister: Shimizuggi
Mom: Poka-SorM
Dad: Blackkolors
Godmother: Kharotus
Fairy godmother: StellasStar
Grandmother: Crispy-Bacon
Great grandmother: Mafer
Uncles: Wolvindra PULLAST0RMY
Aunt: DreamLegend


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percy is anGERY voit muuten laittaa mun uuden accountin sun sedäksi senkin veturi. :^)
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Hhhhhhhh en edes puhu ihmisille kovinkaa täällä ja oon myöhässä mut ok
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Huaaah, laitan myöhään viestiä deviantartin kautta koska tumblrin viesteistä ei koskaan tiedä meneekö ne perille-
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Jiiiiiiiiiii :la:
Haluutko olla yksi ensimmäisistä jolla on sketch-request slotti koska mä aijon avata sellaset tumblerissa viimestään ens kuussa :33
(oli tarkotus tehä tää tumblerissa jo sillon ku sain sadannen seuraajan mut vähä myöhästy)
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myöhäinen vastaus on myöhäinen, köh
Toki toki : D
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Ei se mitään ku en pysty tässäkää kuussa toivottavasti ens kuussa avaan~~~~
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