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Please check me out on tumblr if you like my art here in deviantART, because I'm posting everything there as well, if not more!
(All of my art should be tagged as "my art")


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I'm back now. I guess? I don't think I'll be that active here on DeviantART in the future but I'm back from my... "pause"

First of all I'd like to say that I feel like I've been really rude by abandoning my computer and therefore any basic social websites I've used (YouTube, Tumblr, Skype, Steam, DeviantART, even Gmail)
and not telling any reason why I disappeared from all the social media/websites that I have any amount of people "following" me.
And have only been on my 3DS without logging onto any other site than the restricted version of YouTube, which doesn't even allow me to comment.

I've pretty much been a complete shut-in from all the social interaction I used to have online, except for some small things you can do on some 3DS games, which is very little compared to, you know, actually talking to people.

Here's what I'm going to say as to why I've been away from my computer and all social websites: I originally quit being on my computer partly because it's pretty slow and gets easily stuck on just loading a few websites and/or clicks and because being on a 3DS and lying on the couch just feels better than the horrible posture I automatically go to when on my PC.
The 3DS starts faster, loads faster, I have enough games for it, there's plently of reasons /or more like excuses/ NOT to return to your PC when you have a functioning internet connection on a smaller device.
The reason why I've been gone from all social websites and human interaction online? I honestly don't know how to explain that.
I guess I could say I have my own weird psychological reasons why it's very easy for me to abandon social interaction in general and just not talk to people. Because, you know, "not that many people care about me being away anyway" and "the ones who care to talk with me will forget me soon anyway and not care if I'm not online anymore".

At some point I started thinking that I can't come back and be more active on social sites again because the ones who
noticed that I left will just be angry with me because I left them and didn't say why (talking about friends now) and it stressed me out to think I'd have to explain myself in front of someone I feel like I abandoned.

...I don't know what more to explain or say, I'm tired, say "hi" to me if you can, it'd feel good having anyone talk to me now that
I'm trying to... "make a comeback" here on the general social part of the internet

- A socially nervous person called Rainy


TheRainbowDragon's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hey there! Please call me Rainy (or Shifty, referencing my tumblr name shifting-motives)


I'm a nerd from Finland who's into cartoons, tumblr, nature, friends, my own charactes, other people's characters, trying to make sad people feel at least a little better whenever I can, real and fictional couples, animals, grammar, psychology, video games (especially pokemon), all kinds of art, creative writing, my 3DS, YouTube, Homestuck, and other things.

I'm honestly quite a bit more on Tumblr nowadays so.. it may be best you talk to me there and not here. Every little message matters to me, so if you ever say something to me, thank you ♥

I mostly do:
♦ traditional art with either just a standard lead pencil, or colored with markers/wooden color pencils
♦ drawings of made-up creatures since I can make those up from the top of my head in a matter of seconds (#humblebrag)
♦ drawings in a "cute", cartoon-y style. When I draw more realistically it feels much more... unnatural to me
♦ nothing too disturbing /at least on my scale/ or "nsfw", but I do love to sometimes make dark, "creepy", disturbing or ugly things (ex. vent art, mutated creatures / monsters, art of topics such as mental illnesses etc.)
♦ pictures of my dear brain children (Original or Fan Characters)
♦ appreciate all comments and attention! Even if I'm not here to reply, I do appreciate any comments you leave on my art/gallery/front page/etc.
♦ want you to explain yourself if you give me criticism (ex. Person: "That's really ugly" Me: "Care to tell me how?" /gets no reply ever/ )

- Rainy :iconraincloudplz:


My dA family :D
(some of these people I haven't been in contact for a long long long time... But I'm still gonna consider my family because they're awesome)

My wifus: Tami-Kitten(<-The one who originally nicknamed me "Rainy") kaakelilattia Junkie-Ampora ReTrO-BliTZ
(No homo :: DD)
The held hostage who lives in the basement: Jackal-Sandwich
The impossibly sexy wolf :XD: : Nianden
Fluffy plushy unicorn-pony :meow: : Jacklin980
Own magical fairy: DrSnipersMagic
Pet umbreon: dragontamer1990
Pet dog: AlyFlamer
The bunny who steals my chocolate: Bunnypuma
My crazy serialkiller-daiting cousin: Crazy-Daydreamer
Cousins: Kalinel evil-bloody-angel Jasminator
Brother: Bioblood
Adopted brother: inferno988
Sisters: RoxytheTiger toffeeComet Rika-of-Thunder NenorocosKarlota
Identic sister: Shimizuggi
Mom: Poka-SorM
Dad: Blackkolors
Godmother: Kharotus
Fairy godmother: StellasStar
Grandmother: Crispy-Bacon
Great grandmother: Mafer
Uncles: Wolvindra PullaStormy
Aunt: DreamLegend

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